Home Automation is now an affordable reality
July 25, 2012

Once considered the domain for luxury homes, an integrated control system is more affordable today than ever before. The team at ehome Automation have been working with PUSH CONTROLS to provide our customers the latest Smart Device integration Technology.

If you have a smartphone/tablet and a wifi router, you are already half way to achieving total home control. Our dedicated team of installers can enable your existing devices to allow for seemless integration from the touch of a button. Imagine, sitting down to watch your favourite movie in your new Home Cinema.

At the touch of a button, you can turn on the projector, turn on your Blu-Ray, Turn on your Amplifier, Open the tray and be ready to go within seconds. No more switching between AV1 or AV2. No more toggling remote controls. Simply press and enjoy. At Ehome, our goal is to provide technology that enhances your lifestyle, rather than making it more complicated.

*Affordable Brands for your home