What kind of stuff do you do ?

Have a look around this site at the kind of products and services we offer, of course what that doesn’t tell you is which of these you may need. We encourage you to take the time to come and see us to discuss what best suits you.


You don’t look or sound like a traditional Hi-Fi shop. Is that deliberate ?

Yes, the traditional independent specialist now finds it impossible to cater to everyone who might walk in their door, the scope of what we do has increased so much. From day one, ehome Automation by Design was created to keep the same values as these places but be accessible to everyone whatever their budget or interest.


How do you differ from other specialists ?

As our name suggests, we offer solutions, we ask the right questions and people trust our knowledge and experience to make sure they get the right thing. We don’t get bogged down in the technical aspects of what we do (test us if you must); we make it easy by showing and explaining why products and services are right for you.

You make a big deal of doing everything “in-house”, why ?

Simple, we don’t trust anyone else to do it right. What it means to you is one point of contact for all your needs, no confusion or lack of communication with third parties and ultimately the process is easier and offers better value for money for you.


Do you recommend LCD or Plasma displays ?

We sell both, and as with everything we sell, we recommend what is right for you from what is currently available. Anyone who claims one is better than another is either poorly informed or has an agenda. We have both technologies on view and are not politically or financially tied to any one technology or brand.


What about Blu Ray Disc and HD-DVD ?

As with the TV debate both technologies have their pros and cons but the winner at the end of the day will be the customer. Don’t get lost in pointless arguments- come and see us and find out what is best for you.


I’ve noticed you often change the brands you carry, why ?

As a young and forward looking company we have quickly gained a reputation for embracing new technology and finding new products that we know will be in demand. We test and evaluate everything that we sell and support it properly; you can trust that if a brand survives in our showroom it’s because it possesses consistency in its new products and has long term reliability and customer satisfaction.


Can’t I get the same thing cheaper from the high street boys ?

We do carry products that you may find in the chain stores and we price them competitively, but the majority of what we sell is only available to specialists. The box shifters will try to convince you their products are the same but cheaper – they are not. If you don’t like movies or music and couldn’t care less about customer service, quality, reliability and unbiased advice go ahead and buy their “brown goods”.


Do you do security, door entry, ducted vacuum and all those other things I need for my home ?

ehome Automation by Design shares it’s Melbourne address with it’s sister company Crime Watch so we can provide a one-stop-shop service for everything you might need and some things you may not have thought of.


Do you do commercial and corporate jobs ?
Absolutely, we can do everything from supplying a TV for your waiting room or bar to networking your business for communication, audio/video, CCTV and data.


We are a very long way from any of your branches, can you help us ?
Yes, we have many customers who found it more than worthwhile to employ our services rather than their local “experts”.


Do you do free delivery and installation/set-up ?
There’s no such thing as a free lunch – remember if someone says they include the installation in the price that really means hiding it – we prefer our customers to know what they are paying for and to make a point of charging for our time – this is the way we attract and keep the best employees available. Think about it – if you took your car for a service – haggled for a low fixed rate and persuaded them to discount the parts do you think they would use their best technician ?

You guys might think this is all very easy – but what happens when it’s all done and I have to work these complicated technologies ?
Yes some of the things we sell can seem complicated and intimidating, but that’s why people use experts like ourselves:

We first of all deliberately seek out products that are user friendly and able to integrate with our systems.
We will explain during the buying process how you would use our products rather than burst your head with technical explanations of how they work (of course if you want a technical question answered, we do love to show off). As part of the installation we take the time to teach our customers how to work everything.

Even after all these steps you will still have things you need to ask about – “I bought an MP3 player – how do I plug it in to hear it?”, “I have forgot how to download my video camera onto my DVD recorder?”

We are absolutely convinced that after sales service and long term relationships with our customers is key to our success, it delights us when people call and ask for help and advice with their systems. We always have time for our customers – even if they just want to tell us about a new band they’ve heard!